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2nd Street Printing is a quaint little print shop just blocks away from Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, CA with a LOT of personality. They wanted a new look that represented their business and reflect the light hearted playfulness that they have in the shop. The people and patrons that come in here are family, most of them are all on first name bases with one other, so I wanted to reflect that feeling into their visual identity. Something that everyone can get behind and have that sense of belonging to the shop.

I started by looking at their website to get a feel of what branding they had in place and only found a one page website with a "we transfer" button on it to upload files. I wanted to showcase all the amenities that they had to offer so I had to come up with a theme that people would recognize and fun motion graphics on it that made visitors want to stay on it and have a look around.



Create a visual identity system that reflects the fun and free spirited personality that 2nd Street Printing has when folks walk through their door


Make the shop reflect the friendly neighborhood feeling that it already had in place by creating a logo that looked like a street sign. The manager of the shop's name is Oscar and has several Sesame Street collectables on his desk, so I integrated the neighborhood feel with a Sesame Street theme.



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After talking with Roy the owner of the shop, and Oscar the manager, we decided that going with a street sign logo would be a great way to show people not only where the business is located, but would be an easy reminder for customers when they thought about getting their stationery printed. To keep it playful and fun, we wanted to touch on a bit of Sesame Street nostalgia so people would remember them, but not so much as they would get into trouble for copyright infringement. So I got to work on the logo and began to come up with ideas of how I could make the website stand out and keep people's attention on the website so they would want to check everything out that 2nd Street Printing has to offer. I thought that some youthful animations might do the trick and the response from the staff and customers was incredible!

We continue a great relationship with 2nd Street Printing and have also began working on their SEO campaign and still do social media graphics for them. They really are the neatest little print shop next to the beach in Encinitas. Huge personalities and great service, I can't say enough good things about Roy, Oscar and the whole staff at 2nd Street. Printing for locals, by locals!

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