Brand Identity encompasses many things. The foundations of your identity is a great logo, your website, packaging and promotional materials and choice of colors and fonts that your company uses to differentiate you from your competition.

Simply put, brand identity lets your customers and clients get a feel for your company and what you stand for, it’s your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your company. Your brand is a representation of who you are and what you want your customers to perceive you to be. As Marty Neumeier, a leading expert in branding, stated in Chris Do's "The Futur" podcast, "A brand is a result, a customers gut feeling about a product, a service or a company. It ends up in their heads and their hearts." It's the thing that keeps you buying their product over the other comparable products or the generic products. You feel good about this brand and so you support that company.

Persuading customers to buy your product over others includes research and strategy. To accomplish these goals, our process is broken down into stages. 


First, we start with a discovery session to learn about you and your business, including, goals, target audience, competition, and the story you want to tell, etc. 


Following the discovery session, we conduct our own surveys, research and analysis which allows us to learn more about the marketplace and how you fit in to it. We then present our findings to you in the form of a report.  


Based on our findings, we then develop the brand platform which includes your unique position in the marketplace along with mission, vision, and other foundational elements of your brand. 


Your brand platform is the foundation for all further brand and marketing initiatives including your visual identity which is developed next in our process which includes, logo development, fonts, colors, and your imagery style.


Lastly, once your visual identity branding has been established, you are now prepared to communicate and tell the world who you, why you matter, and how you can help them on their journey through the development of traditional and digital marketing initiatives.  For example, your website, ads, social media, direct mail, etc.


With our expertise in this field, We will help you develop your brand identity. Your branding is a journey of self-discovery. It can be a long journey and it develops and changes over time as your business grows, but your fundamentals stay in tact. Using the Cutting Edge branding process, we’ll develop or redevelop your company from the ground up. We will sit and discuss what your company is all about, who your target market is, what brands they like and why they like them, where you want your company to be and how we are going to get you there. 



Brand Identity & Graphic Design

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