Designing that perfect logo is a process, it takes time and research to ensure your logo appeals to your target market. Logo design requires studying who you are trying to market to and finding out what they enjoy, what kind of images they like, styles and even colors and font types that draws their attention. A poorly designed logo can have a negative effect on how someone sees your business, however, a carefully designed logo can attract the right people to your business. Here is an overview of how I conduct my logo design process, which means that you will receive the very best and most effective brand identity for your company and increase traffic to your store or services. I am confident in my process and am proud of the positive testimonials that I have received on many of my past projects. I will always strive to make all my clients happy with the end results.

Creation Of Goals

To ensure that I start off on the right page and design the logo that targets your market, I begin the process with a questionnaire or design brief. I need a strong grasp on who your audience is. Based on your responses, I will create a list of objectives that need to be met with the logo design. You and I then discuss these objectives and agree upon them before moving forward with the design process. This is used as the foundation of the design.

Strategy & Research

A very critical part of the logo development process is researching and studying your company: how long you’ve been in business, who your competitors are and what has worked or not worked for their business, and who you are trying to cater to in your target market. This ensures that I am well acquainted with your endeavor so I can design the best logo to suit your business. This process also gives me the opportunity to envision ideas which could inspire your logo in the generation phase of the process.

Draft & Design

When beginning the initial design phase of a project, I start be getting everything I can out of my head using idea generating techniques such as word mapping and sketching, that’s right, it all starts on paper. That is the quickest way to get ideas out and start to shape the design. The word mapping process allows me to find all synonyms and likenesses to develop ideas that I can implement into your design. Then I implement that word mapping process and start sketching anything that comes to mind, this helps me to see the thoughts that are in my head and begin tailoring that design to fit your business needs.


Once I have explored every aspect on paper and have come up with a set of ideas, I sharpen them up by using a software called Adobe Illustrator, a design program that produces artwork that is scaleable. This means you will be able to shrink your design to the size of a pinhead, or blow it up to the size of the moon without losing resolution and making your design look “fuzzy”.  The design process continues here as I explore even more ideas and “tweak” them around a bit to make sure you have the best looking logo that gets your message across to your future clients.


I usually come up with several designs to mull over for a day or two. Sometimes you have to take a step away from the project and let it settle so you can come back to it with a fresh set of eyes and see if there are things you can do to improve the design that you may not have thought of before. Following this incubation period, I will return to the design and refine the logo where needed and select the most relevant ideas to present to you for selection.


I will then go back to the design brief to ensure that all goals have been met. Then I will select which logos I believe best suit your business for you to look over.


Once the designs are ready to be presented to you, I create a series of PDF’s for you to look at that include mockup’s, or real life examples, of your design in modern day use. For an example, what your logo will look like on business cards, T-shirts, stationery or similar situations that fit your business model.  That way you can get a good grasp on how the design will flow. I will only present to you designs that I am confident in and will give you my opinion on which on I believe will work best, but ultimately the final decision is up to you. If you feel the design could be improved upon or modified to better meet the objectives, changes can be made where they need to be.


When the designs are finished and we are both happy with the end result. I will send you a logo files packet. This folder will have your brand new logo in formats that you can use for web or print applications. I will also send the original design files that you are free to use as you see fit. If at any time you need help with your logo, I am here to help you along the way with continued support. If you have any more questions regarding the logo design process, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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