DICKSON DENTAL GROUP: A Fresh Smile for Dr. Dickson

Dr. Ben Dickson in Solana Beach, CA has had his practice up and running for several years. Recently, Dr. Dickson wanted to grow his practice and needed to put himself on the map, so he contacted us. We built them a website, create messaging and content, took photos of the practice and staff, created a logo and implemented a visual identity system to set them apart from any other dental offices in the area.


Dr. Dickson was adamant about his branding not having any fake looking smiling in it. 


Dr. Dickson has his office decorated with a vast array of sailboats, so we decided to go in that direction with colors that reflect the ocean, and also the color of toothpaste.


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I wanted to come up with a logo for Dr. Dickson that was inspired by the sailboats in his office, yet `hinted at the two "D's" for "Doctor Dickson." I wanted to stay away from the traditional "tooth" logo that several dentists have adopted and go in a completely different direction that was more suitable for Dr. Ben's personality. I toyed around with several sketches and just as many Adobe Illustrator revisions before coming up with a few different solutions for him. 

Dickson Dental Logo (Version 2)-02.png
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Dr. Dickson and his staff have been very happy with their logo, website, photos, and message that the website coveys both through imagery and messaging. 

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