GO FAST GIRLS: A Story of a Guy and His Daughter

Bear Scharbarth and I have been working together on several projects together in the past, but Go Fast Girls is the one that totally enveloped me. He had a vision to create an all women motor sports clothing line based on his and his daughters passion for motocross and race cars. He wanted to create a company that he could get going and leave to his daughter when she is ready. She’s still pretty young so he has time. But no time like the present to get started.

I can’t say that I’ve ever ridden motocross, not enough doors on a motorcycle for me, but one thing I do know about motocross and motorsports enthusiasts is the general rule is usually, “BIG AND BOLD” so you can be seen on all sides of the track and when the camera’s are rolling. 

I know it had to be a logo that could stand apart from the guys lines of apparel and design, yet be just as big and bold as they are. I really wanted to develop a mark for this company that would stand out among some of the heavy hitters like FoxTroy Lee DesignsAlpinestars, and many others. The mark had to be a logo with heavy strokes so it was easily recognizable, yet soft enough to project that it was in fact a company intended for female riders. I wanted to give it the feel of movement, with a name like Go Fast Girls, the logo can’t look stationary. 

I began this process by writing down “fast” and “girls” into my Field Notes memo book and started to word map ideas that seemed similar and familiar to the respective words. Words like speed, velocity, odometer and redline came to mind when I started sketching out ideas that could incorporate these words. Many different ideas flowed through that Field Notes book along with several sheets of large graph paper. My head felt pretty empty by the time I had all my ideas down on paper. Kind of like those late nights studying for an exam and your brain feels like the plate of Jello. After assessing all my chicken scratches, I had a few pieces that would really work for this project. I decided that there would be two different logos for this company. One being the “GFG” initials and the other being a tachometer inside the Venus symbol. 


This would be the main logo for the company and will be used as the base of all the graphics from apparel, stickers, decals, and print and promotional items that represent Go Fast Girls as an entity. This logo is slightly shifted forward to express movement and had pointed line endings to represent acceleration. After all, this is “Go Fast Girls”, it’s all about speed and acceleration!


With a tachometer that is redlining and ready to blow, this represents “going fast” and pushing the limits, and the outer part being the female symbol or “Venus” symbol representing women in motor and action sports, This will be a piece that will remain ingrained into the minds of motor sports enthusiasts on both sides of the track. The GFG logo is right under the tachometer and the bottom lines of the Venus symbol are cut at the same angle as GFG to keep the continuity of the design and accentuate the idea of movement and acceleration.

This is a logo that will become a beacon for women in all motor and action sports that they can get behind and have a voice in their respective sport saying, “We have an edge, we are not all Hello Kitty cutesy, we bleed the same color blood the boys do!” yet this icon still maintains recognizability as a female driven company. I look forward to seeing how far Bear and his daughter take this company, I feel happy knowing that I helped them create the face of their new venture together.

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