GOOFYFOOT STREETWEAR: Put You Right Foot Forward

My close friend at MH Custom Printing in Oceanside came to me and told me about a few guys that had a start-up company called "Goofyfoot" and were inquiring about getting some shirts printed. They had a logo that they were not really happy with so he referred them to us and we scheduled a meeting with the owners. We met with them and they showed us what they were working with. The logo that another designer created for them was a little busy for a logo and resembled Alfred E. Newman from MAD magazine. They wanted a full company brand package, so we went to work.


Create an identity that would help launch this company and make it stand out in an industry riddled with iconic logos and branding. Something that is easily identifiable and could be imbedded in the memories of those who saw the logo and company imagery.




A logo that is simple, identifiable and versatile so it can be used on several different formats and can be the bones of other graphics for apparel, stickers, print patterns, etc.



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This was one of those fairly easy logos that just comes to you in the heat of the moment. Anna and I (Aric) sat down for a meeting with the owners at a Starbucks for our initial meeting. We all agreed that the logo was to busy and needed to be simplified. There was too much going on to be memorable and it looked like it was geared more for a younger generation when they were targeting a market more in the 14-45 year range.


Then it hit me, I grabbed a pencil and my Field Notes notebook out of my bag and roughly sketched the image of a right foot and integrated the Goofyfoot bar they had under the old logo. The rest was history, they wanted to run with that, so we fine tuned it in Adobe Illustrator over the following few days and that became the new logo. I wish I could say that was always the case in logo development, but sometimes the right answer just pops in your head!

Unfortunately, the company ran out of funding and wasn't able to launch, guess you can't win them all. This was still a fun project and we really enjoyed the time we had working on this companies look and the logo is still one of my favorites.

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