LIT Cocktails is a flavored alcoholic beverage made from wine. The target market was men and women ages 21-35 that enjoy nightlife and partying on the beaches. They package the beverages in disposable containers and sell them in single serves. LIT Cocktails are premade and sealed so there is no mess, just pop one open and enjoy. 

The owners of the company had a pretty good idea of how they wanted to logo and packaging to look. The brief was to have medium width sans serif font with a flame icon above the "I" in LIT and they wanted to have colored "bubbles" of some sort to represent the liquid inside and a variety of colors to differentiate the different flavor profiles.

I created a Logotype for the "LIT" part of the logo and used "Century Gothic" as the font for "Wine Cocktails" to compliment it and they were happy how it turned out and said it was just like they had envisioned it. For the bubbles in the graphic, I used color gradients in the bubbles for the different flavors and used a carbon fiber background for texture.


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