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Why Do I Need SEO?

So you have this awesome business, you've put in hundreds of painstaking hours and your own blood sweat and tears to keep this endeavor up and running. You've missed out on birthday parties, dentist appointments, regular paychecks and perhaps some of your sanity to get this business to where it is today. It looks great, you've got all your products or services lined up and ready to go, you've even created a stellar website with products and services laid out, photos of smiling customers enjoying all that you have offer . All you need now is.......MORE customers.......where is that huge stream of customers?

That's where the SEO skills from Cutting Edge Design can help. We will conduct an in depth SEO site audit on the current health of your web site and deliver full reports. We are happy to work directly with you or your current web designer. Then find the most powerful ways to boost your online presence through using our many skills in researching trending and high potency keywords and long tail keywords, utilizing local SEO tools to boost your local positioning in your community, sifting through all citations for up to date accuracy, and help you build internal and external links as well as powerful backlinks. There are many other resources we can help you with to build the power of your online brand and get you ahead of the game. Don't have time for social media posts, blog posts, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and email blasts? We do! Call us today to go over what you may need and build a custom digital marketing package that works for you and your business.

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