Wix is the easiest editable website platform to use, hands down!

Although Wix does offer a variety of website templates that you can customize however you like, many people just don’t have the time to learn all the ins and outs of the actual development stage of the website build. That’s when you contact me! I will build your custom website from scratch using the Wix platform. I will work with you to convey the story you want people to know about your business, the feeling you want them to have when they are looking through your website, and help them to make decisions in your favor through your website. We will discuss the colors that you would like to use, the fonts or lettering that best suits your business and all the branding to let your clients and customers know that this is your business and this is who you are and represent.

Here are a few reasons why WIX is the GREAT CHOICE FOR CMS

1. User Friendly

Wix’s website builder system makes it easy to maintain and update your text, photos, video and pages. If you can manipulate Microsoft Word or Mac Pages, you already have a great foothold on how to edit your website once it is up and running. With Wix, you have unlimited flexibility to change colors, background images or video’s, or changing the header or footer on all pages. Wix also makes it easy to have customizable animations and parallax images (Parallax is an effect where the background content or image is moved at a different speed than the foreground content while scrolling). You will never feel limited with Wix as it allows you to edit 100% of the content on all of your web pages!


2. FREE Unlimited Trial!

That’s right you don’t have to pay anything to put up a website on Wix, the only catch to the free version is Wix does put their logo on the top and bottom of the trail websites. If you’d like to upgrade and have those logos removed, maybe attach it to your own custom domain name, then you upgrade to the paid version which is about the same cost as other hosting plans.


3. Top Notch CMS (Content Management System)

For the same price as hosting on most other sites, Wix has incorporated the web building tools you need, to get the look you you want and tell the story of what you’d like your customer to know about your business. While there are other web building sites like Wordpress and GoDaddy, nothing quite compares to the ease of Wix.


4. Seamless Application Across All Platforms

Everyone has a “smartphone” these days, and the larger portion of all web searches are coming from smartphones. Wix makes your website just as mobile friendly as the desktop version. Wix has a built in mobile friendly version that takes the information from your desktop, and neatly stacks it up vertically so you can scan through your sites assets and information while your on the go.


5. Customer Technical Support

I am always ready and willing to help you out with any technical questions you may have regarding your website after the build has been completed. If you’d like to try and make changes to it yourself, give it a shot. If you think you screwed it up, once again, I can help you reset it and easily make the changes you are trying to accomplish. Now and then, there are questions that I am unable to answer, but with your Wix site, you have access to a call center that actually have live people to help you with the technical stuff that I may not have the answer to. I have used there technical support for various project and they are quite helpful with the process.


6. Ecommerce and Shopping Carts

Wix offers a store system that easily lets you add products, set up sale items, keep inventory of online products, or even sell software downloads or classes online. You can set up payments through PayPal or even credit card payments through Strip, Square or a few other vendors if you’d like. You can also integrate your Wix website with third-party ecommerce systems. Wix ecommerce sites are suitable enough for simple sales, but if you have more demanding needs for an even more customized store. Cutting Edge Design also develops Shopify websites. Shopify is a great avenue for an online store if you have a lot of customization such as custom checkouts, abandoned cart follow ups, or detailed reports. Shopify has unlimited amounts of customizations available.


7. The BIG Question

The question I hear quite often, and it is an important question. Are Wix websites SEO friendly? The answer is YES! Wix allows complete customization of alt tags, meta keywords and descriptions along with custom page titles to ensure that Google and other search engines will be able to find your content with ease and help those search engines to index and rank your website. Because of the ease of use of Wix, I would encourage you to constantly be adding new content and updating your site. A great way to do that is with a blog. A blog allows you to tell about your experience, promote a new product, or anything that is unique or changing in your field of business, and search engines love that. The more content on your site the better. The more information that is on your site, the more that the search engines will consider your site relevant, and the better your site will place on the searches.


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